Name Change Details


As you are likely aware, the VFW passed a resolution to amend Article XI, Sections 1101-1104 of their National Bylaws at their 116th National Convention in Pittsburgh last week, allowing male spouses and family members to join the VFW Auxiliary effective August 21, 2015.

A few facts about the change:

• It is not a merger of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW and Men’s Auxiliary VFW.

• It changes the name of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW to VFW Auxiliary and allows spouses and eligible male relatives to join the VFW Auxiliary.

• Males who wish to join the VFW Auxiliary will be required to fill out a membership application, provide proof of eligibility, and their application will be voted on just as females who wish to join.

National Headquarters staff will meet with VFW staff and legal authorities in the coming days and weeks to discuss the transition and provide the most accurate information to our membership. Please wait for information from National Headquarters to formally address the change before you send any information to members, potential members and local media regarding the name change and eligibility information.

We will have this information to you as soon as we can. We know you are excited to welcome men into your Auxiliaries, but please be aware that the change does not take effect until August 21, 2015.



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